Kayak Section Club Sessions 2015

The kayak section of Toward Sailing Club is progressing well and we are on schedule for opening this spring. We intend to start club kayaking sessions on Thursday evenings from 7-9pm provisionally commencing 21 May 2015, these sessions will run every Thursday (coach availability and weather permitting) throughout the summer.

Structured six week block coaching sessions will be available for those that are looking for it. The six week blocks will repeat throughout the year. Coaching blocks will cost £25 for the 6 weeks.

It has taken a lot of background work to get to this point, but we will be in the position to have 12 adult sized sea kayaks, and 6 children sized kayaks available for members to borrow for club nights along with spray decks and paddles. Borrowing a club kayak will cost a nominal fee each night which will go towards the maintenance of the kayaks. Alternatively members can take along their own sea kayak/paddle etc. if they have them already to these coaching sessions.

Please make sure to read our equipment/clothing advice for sea kayaking before attending any of these sessions.

Please check on the TSC Kayak Section Facebook Group for status updates of the coaching/club sessions on a weekly basis. Decisions as to whether they proceed each week will be made based on weather forecasts.

If you are not currently a club member but are interested in learning to sea kayak at Toward Sailing Club, please get in touch with one of the committee for more information, or visit the  club membership page to download the club membership form to apply to join the club.




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