Arran 3 Series – Race Report

Saorsa about to overtake Gimcrack.The third pursuit race in the Arran series turned into a war of attrition on Thursday night as, for a variety of reasons, dinghy after dinghy retired leaving Fiona Mackay sailing a club Topper as the only non-keel boat to finish the race. Kriss Baird-Dean in her Topper Cosmic Debris was first off and managed to stay ahead of Fiona until a close encounter with the first mark sent her swimming. As Kriss struggled to untangle her boat from the mark Fiona sailed on into the lead.

Having started a few minutes after the Toppers, Dave Baird-Dean was going well in his Comet, Stacey. So well in fact that he just kept sailing, missed the first mark, and seemed to be heading for Largs until the safety boat set off to retrieve him.

Among the later starters Saorsa was revelling in the brisk conditions while Gimcrack was, at times, looking a little overpowered. With Gimcrack starting ahead of Saorsa, it didn’t take long for the bigger boat to close the gap on its smaller rival and by the time they had returned to mark ‘S’  Saorsa had just edged ahead.

Although the Topper was still well ahead of the later starters the gap was closing as both boats gradually reeled in the little dinghy. Fiona then went on to repeat the antics of the other Topper and by the time the first rounding of the course had been completed both keel boats had managed to overtake the dinghy and this was how it remained until the end of the race.


Arran 3

1st Saorsa (Moody 336), A. Finlay
2nd Gimcrack (GK24), D. Hillhouse
3rd Topper, F. Mackay
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