Cumbrae 4 Series – Race Report

There were near perfect sailing conditions for the fourth race in the Cumbrae Series last Thursday evening. Both John Orr in his Contender and Alasdair Findlay in his Moody 336 got off to a good start and immediately led the way while at the other end of the fleet Katana, off her mooring for the first time in several weeks, brought up the rear.

With a steady breeze there were no changes in position as the boats sailed to their various handicaps. By the end Saorsa had extended her lead by taking the inshore tack to the Ardyne mark while John’s offshore route saw him drop back a considerable way.

As is always the way, the westerly wind dropped as the evening went on, causing the slower boats to fall further behind. In this series there is some consolation however as handicaps are adjusted after each race and those penalised by the falling breeze will be recompensed with a more generous handicap next week.


Cumbrae 4

1st Saorsa (Moody 336), A. Finlay
2nd Stacey (Comet), D. Baird-Dean
3rd Dr Feelgood (Contender), J. Orr
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