Kayak Section Coaching Session – 4 June 2015

Sea Kayak Section coachingThe sea kayak section had very good weather for their second on-the-water meeting at Toward. The Force 6-7 squalls of the previous week were fortunately now a distant memory. Instead , we were presented with super flat calm conditions, with very little in the way of wind. The sailors likely had a more challenging night as their spinnakers were raised trying to catch any light breeze that happened to be around. It did make for a rather colourful sight on the water.

The evening was a huge success, with approx 15 club members in kayaks, including both adults and children, being coached on the water in 2 separate groups. We were out on the water for a full 90+ minutes, and it was with some reluctance that we all came ashore.

Toward Sailing Club - Kayak SectionSkills worked on included forward and reverse paddling, turning/sweep strokes, edging, bracing, and we even completed a few assisted rescues for those people who fancied a “summer” swim!

Hopefully this is the start of many more club sessions afloat!

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