Bute 3 Series – Race Report

Wild and Windy at Toward

TSC SailingThe 3rd race of the Bute series got underway to plenty of wild weather on Thursday night with a strong easterly wind whipping up the waves! 5 dinghies and 1 Keel boat were the brave souls who decided to give it a try, only 4 finished!

Of the 2 that retired 1 was brave Sandie Stuart only out on his 2nd race! He made it to the start line but decided that conditions were too much for the little Oppie and headed in. But well done to Sandie for giving it a try! Meanwhile Fiona MacKay and Isaac Lines made a good attempt at starting with Fiona’s 29er but even these 2 seasoned sailors found conditions too trying for the 29er and spent more time in the water than on the boat! They also retired after several dips in the water much to the relief of the safety boat crew! The remaining 4 set off from the start with Simon Howard in Serendipity and Alistair McLean in his Laser getting well ahead of Dave Baird-Dean in his Comet “Stacey” and Eland Stuart in a Club Pico.

TSC SailingThereafter the race was in two parts between the front 2 contenders and the 2 at the rear. Simon Howard and Alistair McLean furiously trying to stay ahead of each other were almost a whole section in front of the rear 2 racers when the Race Officer decided to shorten the course due to worsening conditions. Serendipity crossed the line first but Alistair McLean won the race on handicap adjustment. Meanwhile at the rear of the field Dave Baird-Dean and Eland Stuart struggled to get round the final T mark, both capsizing several times on the way back to the finish line with Dave Baird-Dean spending precious minutes retrieving his hat! Eventually both bravely finished what had been an exhausting but invigorating race!

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