Kayak Coaching Session Restarted With New Group

Kayak fitting at TSCThe second set of six weeks sea kayak coaching started last night at TSC for a new set of club members and one or two returning members. The skies were mostly blue for a change and the sun was out, but we had some F3 westerly winds to deal with before they dropped off to a more manageable F2.

The super keen new attendees arrived early allowing us to complete the paperwork ahead of schedule. They were then fitted out with sea kayaks, paddles, BA’s and decks before being taught good forward paddling technique while sitting on the grass in the sunshine.

Kayaks on the water at TSC It was a well attended session with 11 new attendees and 4 coaches/leaders, even so we were all able to get out on the water by 7.30pm giving everyone a chance to experience a full hour of paddling.

After a short spell getting a feel for their kayaks in the shelter of the harbour bay (which fortunately was just an hour and a half past high water), we headed across the bay in F3 dropping to F2 westerly wind induced waves. Everyone seemed to cope admirably, and we had zero capsizes. Well done everyone! We then returned to the harbour before indulging in a spot of edging practice.

Moody July Sunset at TSCFor late July, last night had less of a summery feel to it. A low pressure system sitting to the north west of Scotland was pulling colder Arctic air down, and this coupled with the sun starting to set at 9pm certainly made it feel slightly autumnal. Which is not what most of us living here who have been waiting for summer to arrive want to hear!

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