Kayak Section Coaching Session – 02 August 2015

TSC Sea Kayak CoachingThe sixth session and final one out of the first coaching block had all attendees doing a recap of skills followed by an evening learning assisted rescues. There were varied levels of nervous anticipation in the air from participants at the thought of getting wet.

Kayak rescue practiceThere had been some heavy showers during the late afternoon after what had been a very warm day. This had made the air turn quite a bit cooler. We had progressively darker clouds hang over us for all of this session, creating very dim conditions, however, there was not much wind present so it was ideal for a rescue session.

Kayak rescue practiseAssisted rescues were demonstrated first which consisted of participants capsizing, wet exiting and then being rescued using the heel hook and roll in style method. The group showed admirable courage as they took turns at immersion despite the presence of lots of small moon jellyfish swimming around! A few even decided to repeat the experience. When not capsizing and being rescued, paddlers kept warm by doing some forward paddling and practising skills they had learned over the previous 5 weeks.

Oligarch super yachtCoaches also demonstrated self rescue techniques and required equipment (pump and paddle float).

The evening was also marked by the presence of Mr Abramovich’s  super yacht ‘Eclipse’ nearby in Rothesay, the Waverley passing, a porpoise sighting, tea, cakes (thanks to Karen), a sunset (after the dark clouds parted) and a lot more fun than most expected when everyone first heard the words ‘wet rescue session’!

Toward sunsetCoaching now takes a break for two weeks before the next block of 6 weeks starts up for another group of club members. Informal paddling sessions are planned for the folks that have been through the coaching so far.

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