Arran 4 Series – Race Report

As the evening sailing at Toward nears its end, racing returns to the Arran series with its pursuit format ensuring a finish before dark. The race began in fair enough conditions with Sandy Stuart in his Oppie heading off first pursued some time later by the Toppers and Picos. By the time the faster keel boats had started conditions had deteriorated to such an extent that both the Oppie and one of the Picos decided discretion was the better part of valour and headed for the clubhouse.

For those remaining on the water the squally conditions were proving a bit of a challenge. So too for the Race Officer and safety boat crew who were finding it extremely difficult to keep track of the boats in the poor visibility. Could this also have been the reason for three of the remaining fleet rounding mark ‘S’ in the wrong direction, or was it the failing light which made it difficult to read the course card?!

By the time the end of the race was signalled only two boats had managed to successfully complete the course and, of them, it was Fiona Mackay in a club Topper who finished well ahead.


Arran 4
1st Topper, F. Mackay
2nd Gimcrack (GK24), D. Hillhouse
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