Kayak Section’s Final Night on the Water 2015

DSCN9540a_800The kayak section’s final Thursday evening session for 2015 was held last night. The sailors had finished their season the previous week, so we were able to play around in the wind and not have to look over our shoulders for yachts and dinghies!

Twelve of us made it out for this session, most arriving early to make sure we had enough time on the water. We had some south easterly F3 wind to play in before it dropped at around 7.15 pm. There were lots of happy faces tonight as people perhaps reflected on how much they have improved over the course of this summer. The excitement of the occasion had clearly gone to Phil’s head as he proceeded to dig out his seldom seen Greenland paddle and roll with it!

Following on from the on-water session, we held a short meeting in the clubhouse to discuss future plans. First on the agenda was the organisation of a work party to clean kayaks in readiness for storage. This will commence on Sunday 13 Sept at 11 am. Any members who can help out with this would be much appreciated.

We are unfortunately running out of daylight for evening sessions (sunset was at 7.45 pm and we are losing 15 minutes of daylight per week). This summer has seen 2 sets of 6 coaching sessions run between May and September, with 10-12 members participating in each set. This has been done without any incidents and with everyone getting something out of it, so all in all it’s been a good summer for the kayak section. We can now look forward to moving indoors to the pool and onwards to spring and the 2016 season.

Many thanks to all who contributed to make this season on the water a success.

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