Frostbite 1 Series – Race Report

Frostbite Begins!

Sunday 4th October saw the first of the Frostbite Series take place at Toward Sailing Club. With the keel boats safely hauled out, the whole area was open for the dinghies to play in! It was good to see 4 of our Oppie cadets turn up to have a go at their first race on the big course! Unfortunately the conditions proved to be just too much for them and all 4 Oppies retired, some with mast problems. Hopefully they will come along for another go next week!

The rest of the field progressed to the start line. There was a moderate easterly breeze which was whipping up the waves making the going very choppy! Everyone got off to a good start in the first race with John Orr in Dr Feelgood taking the early lead which he maintained finishing well ahead of the rest of the field. Second and third place was fought out between Jan Oliver in Mayfly and Kriss Baird-Dean in Purple Pixie. It was a close call with both dinghies making good progress in the fresh breeze. However, both made for the wrong mark down towards the club house resulting in time loss for both helms as they corrected their course. In the end, despite finishing ahead, Jan Oliver & Mayfly were beaten into 3rd place by Kriss Baird-Dean and Purple Pixie who took 2nd place on handicap. Alastair Noble took 4th place in both races which was an excellent result for his first outing. Dave Baird-Dean and Rhuairidh Pringle both capsized in the trying conditions and also went round the marks the wrong way so both recorded DNF. Rhuairidh also had problems with a broken tiller extension which caused him to retire for the afternoon.

The Second race got underway to a significant drop in the wind resulting in John Orr and Jan Oliver getting well ahead of the rest of the competitors in their faster boats. The choppy conditions also eased somewhat making the second race a much slower affair. This was enough along with the cold temperature for the race officer to shorten the course. Everyone enjoyed the afternoon and the frostbite series got off to a great start!


1st Race
1st John Orr – Dr Feelgood
2nd Kriss Baird-Dean – Purple Pixie
3rd Jan Oliver – Mayfly
2nd Race
1st Jan Oliver – Mayfly
2nd John Orr – Dr Feelgood
3rd Kriss Baird-Dean – Purple Pixie
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