Frostbite 2 Series – Race Report

Fantastic Frostbite Turnout!

11th October saw the 2nd race day for the Frostbite Series and this week the turn out didn’t disappoint! Two of last weeks intrepid Oppie sailors again turned up in the form of Ellie Judd and Oscar MacGillivray, and this time the weather was kind and permitted them to start! We had a good turnout of 9 dinghies on Sunday and although the weather was kind the wind was not playing!

A very light easterly saw the fleet set off on course 7 heading for the Toward race mark. The faster boats set a good pace with John Orr in Dr Feelgood and Jan Oliver in Mayfly well ahead, with Dave Baird-Dean in Stacey along with Alastair Gibson a good way behind them. There was quite a tidal pull as the tide was going out and several of the more in-experienced sailors had to change their course to allow for this, something they will soon learn at Toward! Kriss Baird-Dean in Purple Pixie had a bad start and never really found her pace. Beth and Connor Wilson bought up the rear of the field with Beth and Kriss having a little competition of their own to round the Ardyne mark and reach the finish. Ellie Judd and Oscar MacGillivray recorded their first finish in their first ever proper race at Toward, so huge congratulations to them! First place in the first race went to Jan Oliver beating John Orr into 2nd place on handicap, with a well-deserved 3rd place going to Alastair Gibson in the club topper.

The second race got under way with even less wind than the first enabling the faster boats to take a long lead. The top two places were reversed from the first race with John Orr coming in ahead of Jan Oliver with 3rd place taken by David Baird-Dean in Stacey. However, the race officer was, as last week, forced to shorten the course with the ever dropping wind speed.

It was fantastic to see so many people turn out for the dinghy racing at Toward and we hope they continue to do so in the remaining 2 races of the season, weather permitting!


1st Race
1st Jan Oliver – Mayfly
2nd John Orr – Dr Feelgood
3rd Alastair Gibson – Club Topper
2nd Race
1st John Orr – Dr Feelgood
2nd Jan Oliver – Mayfly
3rd David Baird-Dean – Stacey
1st Race Oppies
1st Ellie Judd – Club Oppie 6
2nd Oscar MacGillivray – Club Topper 1
2nd Race Oppies
1st Ellie Judd – Club Oppie 6
2nd Oscar MacGillivray – Club Topper 1
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