News from 2 May (Race Report – Arran Series 2)

The second pursuit race in the Arran series began with even stronger wind than the first. Once again Macy set off first, this week in her own new Oppi, Optimistic Oppie. Katana and Ellie, in a club Pico, followed soon after before the other four keelboats gave chase. With the wind continuing to increase Katana decided to reef while both Ellie and Tiff took the prudent decision to retire early. Optimistic Oppie did well to hold on to her lead for a considerable time but having not yet mastered the skill of bailing while sailing the others eventually caught up. With the time ticking away Saorsa passes Voila but just failed to catch Banshee who, in turn, couldn’t quite close the gap on Katana.

Results Arran 2
1st Katana F. McLean
2nd Banshee R. Campbell
3rd Saorsa A. Finlay

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