Cumbrae 1: Thursday’s short race was the first in the Cumbrae Series where handicaps are adjusted each week depending on results. With the outer end of the line being the place to start, it was Alasdair Finlay in Saorsa who took best advantage of this to establish an early lead. He was closely pursued by Katana but by the first mark Voila had moved into second place soon to be followed by Banshee. As the wind shifted into the North East, the third leg of the course, which had been a beat for the leading boats, turned into a reach for the back markers giving them a distinct advantage by enabling them to sail a significantly shorter distance. Further back, the dinghies were having their own battle with Ellie staying well ahead of her male competitors while Macy in her Oppi, Optimistic Oppi stayed in touch to win on handicap.


Round Cumbrae Race: Saturday was the annual Round Cumbrae Race where the Club’s keelboats race from the club, around Greater Cumbrae and back again. To accommodate the wide range of handicaps this race has two starts with the slower boats starting an hour before the faster ones. On this occasion this proved crucial as throughout the afternoon the wind significantly shifted and gradually dropped leaving the later starters struggling to catch up. What had been a spinnaker run from the club to Portacher for Banshee turned into a beat for Saorsa and Voila. With the lightening wind the inevitable holes began to appear trapping Voila and forcing the retirement of Tiff.



Cumbrae 1
1st Katana (Cutlass 27), F. McLean
2nd Banshee (Oyster 26), K. McDonald
3rd Voila (First 29), D. Lyon
1st Optimistic Oppi (Optimist), M. Law
2nd Pico, E. Judd
3rd Pico, T. McCrossan


Round Cumbrae Race
1st Banshee (Oyster26), R. Campbell
2nd Saorsa (Moody 336), A. Finlay
3rd Voila (First 29), D. Lyon

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