The start of the third pursuit race in the Arran Series was in stark contrast to the previous two weeks. The strong wind of last week had been replaced by a gentle breeze which was only just strong enough to take the early starters around the first mark before it began to fade. By the time the faster boats had got underway the wind had all but disappeared. This left them drifting around the Toward mark in the company of the two Picos who, despite their early start, had also ground to a halt. With twenty minutes to go the wind finally began to fill in. Unfortunately for Macy in her Oppi, Optimistic Oppi, it filled in from a completely different direction resulting in her substantial lead being completely overturned. The advantage of the new wind direction handed the lead to Katana. With the breeze finally reaching the rest of the fleet it was a tense final few minutes as Saorsa just managed to pass Voila while Banshee only just hung on to second place.
Next week the format returns to a normal 7.30pm start for everyone with handicaps being applied at the end to determine the results.

RESULTS – Arran 3
1st Katana (Cutlass 27), F. McLean
2nd Banshee (Oyster 26), K. McDonald
3rd Saorsa (Moody 336), A. Finlay

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