End of Season Cruise 2019

So, by popular demand, this year’s End of Season Cruise is going to Tarbert Music Festival.

Plan is to head up asap to try and get a good spot. It will be a bit of a free for all as space is limited and I’ve been advised by the harbour master that it is not possible to book berths if you’re under 45 feet. Each boat should decide when they want to/ are able to go up (Friday or Saturday) and we can all stay in touch in case there’s the opportunity to cruise in company and/or stops on the way.

TSC committee chatted a bit about whether it would be worth booking somewhere for food especially on the Saturday night, but it was decided it was best to eat on board because it will be so busy in Tarbert. We may try and arrange something altogether on one boat closer to the time.

There has also been a suggestion of going to Portavadie on the Sunday for some spa therapy, but we’ll discuss that closer to the time.

If those members without boats (including kayakers) wish to join, its likely there will be spare berths. It might even be possible to pick  a limited number of kayakers up so that kayaking could be done at least part of the way. Let me know if any of this is of interest to you via tscsoccruisesec@yahoo.co.uk. All members are welcome – the more the merrier!

Let’s hope the weather improves…..we need one of those gorgeous sunny windy (but not too windy) autumn days…. Very excited about this final blast of sailing before the boats are hauled out!

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