Really looking forward to this! We’ve been a bit spoiled with the weather to date so it’s unfortunate it looks like we might see some light rain at points this weekend, but I’m sure it will still be most excellent fun nonetheless.

Attendance: I’ve had confirmation so far that 6 boats are planning to come. No requests for berths from those without boats so far. Contact details if you fancy joining this cruise and would like a berth are tscsoccruisesec@yahoo.com.

Plan finalisation: The final plan doesn’t really differ from the draft plan, except that the plan is to have a BBQ on the beach if possible on Saturday 27th after those who want to cycle come back from cycling. Sigmagic will bring firewood and a BBQ and possibly a tent or two in case there’s some showers. People should bring their own BBQ food. Perhaps bring something to cook onboard in the event the weather is really wet. We will either find a pub or descend on someone’s boat for drinks afterwards (or both).

For this cruise unfortunately it is difficult to book something more permanent for the Saturday night in case the wind determines we have to go elsewhere.

Weather is looking fairly good so far although it is changeable so will have to watch it. It is currently forecast to be NW, which is ideal for Millport. Light breeze on Friday evening (8 knots gusting 15), medium breeze Saturday (max 15 knots gusting max 24/27), overnight Saturday medium 11 knots gusting 20 from NW) light breeze Sunday (8 knots gusting 17). Unfortunately Saturday is forecast for a little rain, so the BBQ may have to be revisited. However we shall see!


Start of Season Cruise Sat 27th/ Sun 28th April (and Friday evening 26th) – rough plan!

A rough plan is forming!

Although the plan is not finalised, we thought we’d let you know of our rough plan. Hopefully this allows you to plan in advance and to ask questions, make suggestions etc.

The main plan is to go to Millport, Great Cumbrae for the start of season cruise on Saturday 27th/ Sunday 28 April 2019.

Generally this means leaving Toward area at approximately 10/11am on Saturday 27th April 2019, and cruising in company to Millport where there are 26 moorings laid. (I have confirmed with Cumbrae Community Development Company that these were lifted over winter 2018/2019 and are back in the water fully checked so they are ready for use.) Price is £10 per boat for an overnight stay, payable at an honesty box.

Additionally, it would be nice to leave on the Friday night, just to get away! We were thinking somewhere close such as Port Bannatyne for the Friday night. However, appreciate Friday night is difficult for some, so the above is the main plan and if some make it on the Friday night too, great! Saturday stragglers (boats and people) can be picked up off Toward Saturday morning.

Social at Millport on Saturday 27th April 2019 will be organised in due course.

Thoughts are to do a bike trip around the island for those able (with everyone hiring bikes), with the obligatory ice cream on the way.

Sunday, likely lazy start, followed by leisurely cruise back to Toward.

As you’ll know, Millport can be a little exposed to the SW/S, which is unfortunately the prevailing wind. We will have a backup plan for a more sheltered and protected location closer to Toward if it is very windy or if the sea state is rough. Clearly the weather may be so bad that we have to cancel and reorganise, but we hope that won’t be the case.

Those without boats who would like to participate and haven’t already got a place on a boat, please email me on tcsoccruisesec.yahoo.co.uk and I’ll see if I can pair you up with a boat. Beginners are welcome.

Likewise Skippers, please let me know if:

  • you intend to go,
  • you need crew, or
  • you don’t need crew, but could nonetheless offer berths to extra people.

Even experienced kayakers might wish to join by kayak, so let me know if a berth only is required.

Will follow up with more concrete plans, details and guidance. As usual sail planning, safety and decision whether to go or not is each person and skippers responsibility. If anyone wants copies of maps or cruising guide details, or would like a bit more support/closer company on the way down to Millport if it’s a new boat or something, please contact me at above email.

For guests who are not members, but would like to join the cruise, please become an Associate Member for the purpose of this cruise (£10). Please see the membership page of this website for details. However it would be worth considering full membership given it is only £46 per person and there will be at least 4 cruises organised in a year. We hope to do evening cruises/ floatabouts this year too, plus potentially a longer cruise further up the West Coast. There will also be lots of other club events to benefit from.