TSC Slipway

Miscellaneous Sailing

Miscellaneous Sailing Pictures

Miscellaneous Kayaking

Miscellaneous Kayaking Pictures

TSC Paddle Weekend 2015

The paddle weekend was the culmination of a successful first year of sea kayaking section at TSC.

2015 Calendar Gallery

Images from the 2015 club calendar

TSC SCIO Regatta 2015

Images from TSC SCIO 45th annual regatta 2015

TSC Regatta 2014

Images from TSC 44th annual regatta 2014

TSC Regatta 2013

Images from TSC 43rd annual regatta 2013

TSC Club House

Images of the TSC Club House

Scenic Pictures

Some Miscellaneous Scenic Pictures

Argyll Sea Kayak Trail - Toward Hub Opening

Argyll Sea Kayak Trail - Toward Hub Opening 23 July 2014

2012 Calendar Gallery

Images for the 2012 calendar.

Kayak Hub

Argyll Sea Kayak Trail - Toward Hub

Beach Clean 2015

Beach Clean 2015

Kayak Section Inaugural Night

Images From Kayak Section Inaugural Night

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