Toward Sailing ClubToward Sailing Club was founded in 1970 by a group of local people who thought there was a need for a sailing club/facility at this beautiful location.

Initially, all the club had was a static caravan and a chain link enclosure to house our dinghies. We also had the use of the old derelict swimming pool building originally built for the owners and employees of Castle Toward. The pool building dated back possibly to the turn of the century and was in a bad state of neglect with lots of broken glass from it’s dilapidated roof lying around inside.

With the incoming oil rig construction site at Ardyne (in the early 1970’s) the club benefited from some corporate PR funding when Sir Robert McAlpine (the owner of the oil rig construction site) erected a Terrapin sectional building on top of what was the old swimming pool in 1976. Following this, the dinghy park was extended to the size that it currently occupies.

The swimming pool itself was filled in with gravel, and it can still be prone to flooding during winter high tides due to the sea water pipe which still lies underground.

The club has three slipways, one on  either side of the club jetty and one in the harbour. All three slips have been constructed, extended and maintained by club members over the years. The slips are open to members of the public to use too provided they don’t block access for others.

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