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Sea Kayaking at TowardThe Kayak section of Toward Sailing Club is a recent (started in 2015) part of the club and is part of an expansion of Toward Sailing Club into a more comprehensive watersports hub. The club is ideally located at the southern tip of Cowal and the wider Clyde estuary. It is only a short 1+ mile crossing over to Rothesay and the Isle of Bute. There is also very easy access to Loch Striven, and Colintraive and the Kyles of Bute are within reach too.

In many waysSea Kayaking at Toward southern Cowal offers ideal opportunities for people wanting to learn how to Kayak. The club has 3 slipways at its disposal, including one in a sheltered harbour with a shallow bay.

The focus is on sea kayaking, and we held training throughout the year in 2015 including swimming pool kayak training sessions , outdoor sessions at Toward and we also held a very successful kayak weekend in September 2015.

Toward Sailing Club is one of the many stop-off locations listed on the recently created (2014) 150km long Argyll Sea Kayak Trail. The map of which shows the route. The club has recently seen extended car parking facilities introduced as part of this initiative.

The club is aiming to utilise local kayaking coaches who have volunteered their time to lead tuition which will be open to three broad target groups:

  • Adult beginner paddlers
  • Adult intermediates and advanced paddlers
  • Introduction to paddle sports for children

Sea Kayaking at TowardWe intend to continue to provide progressive sea kayak training through 2016. Also in the works are more swimming pool sessions in Dunoon Riverside swimming pool from early 2016. We will attempt to accommodate all levels of paddler in the swimming pool sessions.

Other activities will include dry land training, lectures, advice on kit and equipment, first aid training, navigation training, safety training, social events and eventually trips.Sea Kayaking at Toward

We have a small fleet of kayaks which can be borrowed for club training sessions, but members are also welcome to bring along their own kayaks too.

If you are interested in joining the club, please fill out the membership application form listed on this website and state ‘kayak section’ somewhere in the form. Membership of the kayak section encompasses access to the club and clubhouse as a whole. Likewise any sailing section members are welcome to access the kayaking section and its resources. If you have your own kayak it may also be possible to store it at the club for ease of access.

You can keep a track of kayak section event on our events page on this site.
Sea Kayaking at Toward

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