Club Equipment Use – Charges

Kayak Section Equipment HireThe following describes the policy regarding the use and personal use (borrowing) of club sea kayaking equipment by TSC club members.

TSC kayak section coaches and leaders are responsible for collection of the fees where applicable. All proceeds go towards kayak section equipment maintenance and improvement.

Club Organised Events / Evening Meets
Coaching sessions Free use of kayak, spray deck, BA and paddle, but 6 week coaching course block charge is £25.
Go for a paddle sessions £3 per night for use of kayak, spray deck, BA and paddle.
Note: Coaching sessions take precedence over available club equipment.
Go for a paddle sessions using own equipment No Charge


Non Club Event Related Use / Personal Borrowing of Club Equipment for Own Use
Club member sea kayak/equipment personal borrowing *
(Subject to conditions listed below)
£3 per evening suggested nominal fee
£5 per half day suggested nominal fee
£10 per full day suggested nominal fee
* Conditions:

  1. Only club members may borrow club equipment.
  2. Borrowing of club kayaks must be booked in advance with a Kayak sub-committee member, and entered in the “kayak borrowing logbook” kept in the clubhouse.
  3. Nominal fee to be paid to kayak sub-committee member prior to use.
  4. Toward Sailing Club accepts no responsibility for accident or injuries when club equipment is borrowed for personal use.
  5. Personal kayaking is not covered by club or SCA insurance.
  6. Borrower needs to be signed off by head coach as competent enough to allow equipment to be personally borrowed. This may take the form of the completion of a skills check list, with each borrower showing demonstrable skills up to 3* Sea or proof of a suitable BCU qualification eg 3* Sea or above. (see BCU 3* Sea Syllabus and BCU 3* Sea Training Notes for reference)
  7. Alternatively a member not meeting criteria in #6 can borrow club equipment if accompanied by a designated club leader or club coach. However, this situation is still considered ‘personal borrowing’ and not a ‘club sanctioned activity’, hence it will not be covered by club or SCA insurance.
  8. Club activity (club nights and coaching sessions) takes precedence over personal borrowing of equipment.
  9. The borrower will be held liable for any loss or damage of equipment.
  10. It is the borrower’s responsibility for their own safety while borrowing club equipment, including checking over the condition of the equipment before use.


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