Race Results

Regatta Keelboat Start


Series Race Trophies

Geddes Trophy               Ailsa Series, Fast Handicap

Poachers Pot                   Ailsa Series, Slow Handicap

Ailsa Rosebowl               Ailsa Series, Optimists

Renown Trophy            Arran Series (Pursuit)Fast Handicap

Pursuit Cup                    Arran Series (Pursuit)Slow Handicap

Lombard Trophy          Cumbrae Series, Fast Handicap

Two Waters Trophy      Cumbrae Series, Slow Handicap

Auchamore Cup                Kyles Series, Fast Handicap

Slow H’cap Trophy        Kyles Series, Slow Handicap

Muir Rosebowl              Bute Series, Fast Handicap

Bute Cup                      Bute Series, Slow Handicap

Rosebowl                     Bute Series, Optimists

Midgely Cup                 Frostbite Series, Fast Handicap

Tizer Trophy                 Frostbite Series, Slow Handicap

Trophy                         Frostbite Series, Optimists

Single Race trophies

Starter trophy

TSC Cup                       Burnt Islands Race

Knockout Trophies

Wilson Hill Shield          Topper Knockout                     Toward Seniors Team

Thistle trophy               for cadets in Toppers

Dandelion Cup              for cadets in Optimists

Special Trophies

Jack & Peggy Waddell Trophy for sailing effort:

Sandy Robertson Trophy for most outstanding member:

McLeod Trophy                        Best Cruising Log

Gilles Grail                    for Silliness:

Archie Munro Quaich  for the outstanding cadet:

Alison Currie Trophy     for cadet with best attitude:

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