TSC Community Consultation Survey

Suvey Now Closed

Community Survey Now Closed

Our community consultation survey is now closed.


Toward Sailing Club

Toward Sailing Club (a community club) was established in the 1960s on the site of the dilapidated swimming pool which was part of the Castle Toward Estate. Over the years the clubhouse, dinghy park and surroundings have been developed and expanded through community support and the hard work of members.

The club became a charity in 2014 and now owns all the ground from which it operates. This includes the bus turning area, car park, grass areas, clubhouse, storage compound, jetty, harbour quay, slipways, picnic table and seating. These are all maintained by the club and most areas are open to the community and visitors.

Kayaks on the water at TSCAs a community sports club, our fees are deliberately kept low so as they are not a bar to participation. Annual membership is the equivalent of less than £1 per week for an adult and less than 50p per week for a junior. Kayak and sail training is offered to everyone aged 10 and over by our nationally qualified coaches, instructors and safety boat drivers.

Existing activities and benefits include –

  • Club owned dinghies and kayaks
  • Regular kayak/sailing events
  • Bi-weekly sail racing
  • Social events
  • Covered and secure storage
  • Club moorings

This year our open day and taster sessions are scheduled for Saturday 21st May 2016.

There are no paid positions within the club. It is run entirely by volunteers.

As part of our ongoing development, the club has recently obtained a Heart defibrillator and will soon be offering free courses on its use, to members of the local community.

Your involvement

The club is now looking towards its future and has detailed a number of proposed suggestions. We want to hear what everyone in your household, thinks about South Cowal and what we, at the Club, could do to make our facilities even more inclusive to
the wider community and other groups. This is a real, no-holds-barred, opportunity for you to help us develop this area for you, for us, and the next generation. Tell us what activities or facilities you would like to see available – these don’t need to be water sports
related, we want to hear all your ideas. Remember our current facilities are mainly used in the summer months.

How could they be used more often?

What would you like to see happening at Toward Sailing Club?

Our community survey is now closed. Thanks you for showing an interest.

Suvey Now Closed